Bill Gates

Gates, William


"This is the right way to develop applications for OS/2 PM. OS/2 PM is a
tremendously rich environment, which makes it inherently
complex. Smalltalk/V PM removes that complexity and lets you
concentrate on writing great programs. Smalltalk/V PM is the kind of tool
that will make OS/2 the successor to MS/DOS".
-- Bill Gates, from the back of an old Digitalk Smalltalk/V PM manual, 1990

Bill Gates Speaksより。--abee

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2002/11/8 シアトルで開催されたOOPSLA 2002の招待講演より。--abee

やっと .net も(あれ? いつから小文字に…(^_^;))正体が見えてきた感じですね。--sumim

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